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All our groundwork follows natural horsemanship techniques.   Even before the saddle is introduced the foundation of our training philosophy is based on respect and trust.  All our horses are desensitized, learn to move away from pressure and learn to communicate with us through our body language and hand signals.

All our horses are trained following the Miller Ranch “First Step” program.

Our ranch gate is always open to visitors.  We are happy to demonstrate the quality of our horse training by meeting our horses and showing you what they can do!

Turbo Training with Nicole
Nicole and Fred – Back Country
Turbo and Emma – Back Country

Cost of Obtaining a Riding Horse

Stud fee: $600-$5,000

AI fee: $1,000-$2,000

Ultrasounds: $50-$100 each time

Broodmare/foal feed for 17 months: $4,250 minimum


That’s just to get one on the ground and weaned.

(Does not cover things like vet car, farrier etc. as that’s under care and general upkeep).


Now you want it TRAINED!


Feeding baby at least another 1½ years but really that is closer to 2½ years: $4,500 minimum.


90 days for colt starter: $3,600 minimum

(This gives you a horse that you can saddle, hopefully has no buck, kick, or bolt, stops, backs up, can go right, and left when asked and will ride down the road/trails with a confident rider)


Ok.  Now we have a green horse that’s got at least $13k to $15,000 invested in it (more depending on the stud fee).


But you still don’t want it because you want it kid broke; a been there done that horse that a senior can ride without getting hurt or you want it “finished”. Now remember it takes well over a year to “finish” a horse.


Now revert to colt starter fees and start doing the math on “finishing” your horse.


I write this to remind you that it takes time, energy, and money to get a good, well breed, safe horse.





Velvet’s Leonard is a proven sire and passes on the whole package: intelligence, confirmation, natural athletic ability including gait and rhythm. He got his nickname “Tyson” because of his attitude – undaunted, fearless and sturdy as he walks through the world.  In addition, he is known for caringly raising his foals together with the dams and always is a patient and affectionate father. While living in Germany Tyson became European Champion in Western Pleasure, was well placed in the performance classes and won the German Championship in Trail and Horsemanship.   Velvet’s Leonard consistently demonstrates that he has followed in the footsteps of his late sire, GMC’s Black Velvet of Miller- Ranch. Tyson currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his owner Simone at Dusty Spur Ranch.




Picture of Arizona Outlaw’s McLaren M.R. and Lothar Rowe of Miller Ranch, Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona Outlaw´s McLaren M.R. has champion blood in his bloodlines. McLaren he has a friendly and very self-confident character, an impeccable conformation and the right size of 15.2 hands . Due to his intelligence and enthusiasm the training was easy and not time consuming. At the 3 year old Open Futurity Stallions and Geldings he got the Blue and in the Stake Class he became Open 3-years Champion Reserve. 


Sunrise’s Pale Rider


Picture of Iceman & Rambo’s Sire

Pale Rider


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