Hay Sales


We offer premium GRASS hay bales for sale. Excellent for all types of livestock, especially horses.  Our hay field is mainly fine fescue, orchard grass and natural prairie grasses with some legumes (approx. 10%).

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Our square bales average 50 to 55 pounds and are now stored under cover in our hay shed.  We can assist with loading.  If required we can deliver for an extra price based on distance and quantity.

Our 2024 hay crop is expected to be good – especially with all this Spring rain we have had!  Now if only the sun would come out!

If in need of a few bales please call as we generally have a few “hidden away” and can accommodate those who require a few for weekend camping trips or rodeo’s etc.

(*** Please email Fred at fred@westgaitranch.ca or call 403-874-2034 to reserve your 2024 hay order***)



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