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All our ground work follows natural horsemanship techniques.   Even before the saddle is introduced the foundation of our training philosophy is based on respect and trust.  All our horses are desensitized, learn to move away from pressure and learn to communicate with us through our body language and hand signals.

All our horses are trained to ride and gait by Simone Guenther of Dusty Spur Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We met Simone in Arizona in 2010 when we were first introduced to the Missouri Fox Trotter breed and purchased our first Missouri Fox Trotters from Lothar at Miller Ranch.  At the time Simone was the lead trainer at Miller Ranch.  In 2011 Simone took the opportunity to be her own boss and opened Dusty Spur Ranch.  Ever since she has been our “go to” horse trainer. Check out her webpage at

Simone’s intuitive, natural horsemanship skills coupled with her dedication and extensive experience in training gaited horses has placed her at the top of her profession.  She is passionate about what she does and this is evident with every horse she works with.  We recommend Simone to anyone who is looking for a gaited horse trainer who believes in a horse and rider partnership built on respect and trust.

Our ranch gate is always open for you to come out and visit.  We are happy to demonstrate the quality of her training by meeting our horses and showing you what they can do!



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